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tv   New Day  CNN  October 10, 2017 4:00am-5:00am PDT

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ing ont aschool. -[ sighs ] -he's not engaging. it's probably not unusual for presidents to not get along with members of congress. >> shocking to hear him say this out loud. >> this is not somebody who was an anti-trump person. >> if bob corker has any honor, any deecency, he should resign immediately. >> over 1500 homes and commercial facilities have been destroyed. >> federal government stands ready to provide any and all assistance. >> devastation as far as the eye can see. fire activity is outpacing any resource they can throw at it. >> this is "new day" with chris cuomo and alisyn camerota.
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>> we will have more information on wildfires throughout the program as those are continuing at this hour. good morning, everyone. welcome to "new day." the feud between senator bob corker and president trump is escalating. a white house official tells cnn that the president is not finished with corker. meanwhile, we're hearing senator corker tell a "new york times" reporter that the president's volatility is, quote, alarming and that he questions his fitness for office. >> the president weighing in saying they may have to compare iq tests. the two men are set to have lunch in a few hours. that should be interesting. let's begin with joe johns live at the white house. joe? >> reporter: good morning, chris. president and senate foreign relations committee chair bob corker have remained quiet since the latest dust-up over the
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weekend in their very public feud. sources have told cnn that is not likely to last, despite the fact that the administration can't afford to lose republican votes on capitol hill if it expects to pass any major legislation this year. president trump is not finished with senator corker, according to a white house official. after the high-ranking member of mr. trump's own party delivered this scathing rebuke of the commander in chief. >> sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind. and, you know, he doesn't realize that, you know, we could be heading toward world war iii with the kind of comments that he's making. >> former white house chief strategist steve bannon, fired in august, lashing out at corker last night. >> if bob corker has any honor, any decency, he should resign
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immediately. >> reporter: signaling he is ramping up his efforts to unseat establishment republicans in next year's primaries. >> mcconnell and corker and the entire click, establishment globalist click on capitol hill have to go. there's a coalition coming together that's going to challenge every republican incumbent except ted cruz. >> stalled agenda, negative media coverage over the hurricane-ravaged puerto rico and the defeat of the senator from alabama he endorsed last month. nearly a dozen aides and advisers are saying corker is saying what many believe privately. >> i don't think he appreciates that when the president of the united states speak and says the things that he does, the impact that it has around the world, especially in the region he's addressing. so, yeah, it's concerning to me.
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>> reporter: vice president pence and senior aid kellyanne conway coming to the president's defense. >> they find tweets hike this to be incredibly irresponsible. >> reporter: not everyone in the president's inner circle thinks the public feud is good for trump. trump needs corker's vote to get the legislation past and he has already alienated another top senate republican, john mccain. >> rex tillerson is expected to come to the white house for lunch with the president today not long after reports that tillerson referred to the president as, quote, a moron in a newly published article in forbes magazine. the president's counterpunch is, quote, i think it's fake news but if he did that, i guess we'll just have to compare iq tests and i can tell you who is going to win. chris and alisyn? >> okay, joe.
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thank you very much for that development. let's bring in our panel to discuss it. cnn politics reporter and editor at large, chris cillizza and analyst david gregory. since that's the development, this new "forbes" magazine interview with president trump that has just been published he's commenting on his real feelings of what rex tillerson said. you heard what joe just reported there, that the president said i think it's fake news but if he did, i guess we'll have to compare iq tests and i can tell you who will win. >> when tillerson was asked about this, he said he would not comment on this pit stuff. he did not say he didn't say it. >> the real question is, is rex tillerson going to be in this position a month from now? >> the parent/teacher conferences for these two individuals will be pretty tough. >> interesting. >> it is like homeroom, what we're seeing from the top levels of our government and it's
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embarrassing. what this shows to me is that whatever is going on, we're just learning the kind of the tip of it. and that relationship is most likely been compromised to a deeper degree, which i think raising the real possibility that tillerson will not be long for his position, which only hurts the administration to have more volatility and more people leaving. it's striking to me that the president doesn't want to resolve these things internally at all. there's always going to be leaks and things will spill out. he's willing to go to open warfare with anybody because he thinks ultimately he'll win by doing so and is isn't worried about any of those consequences. >> so, cillizza, we have this attack from bob cork er, which goes to the fitness of the president to serve, essentially. and there is no wave of support for the president that comes
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from the ranks of government. yes, we had congressman sean duffy on yesterday. i've got to tell you, it wasn't a very cogent or compelling case he made. he felt the president is doing a good job in puerto rico and elsewhere. it's not the strongest kind of rebuttal. where are the defenders? >> you have a handful still, chris, very few in the senate. largely new york members in the house and very hardliners who were with trump from the beginning in the house. but there aren't that many. what you're essentially seeing here is there's not many defenders of trump and very few attackers of him either among t them. 242, almost 300 people who could offer a critique or criticism. they're not doing that either.
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the reason is that they're hoping this all goes away. this is a putting your head in the sand sort of move. they don't want to talk about donald trump in any way, shape or form. my honest take is that their view is similar to corker. they know that voicing that publicly, if you're not like bob cork er, and planning on retirig next year, donald trump's base is activated and is big enough to make a difference and is being cultivated in terms of trying to find candidates to appeal those people. unless they lost about their feelings about trump all you can see is that the media is out to get him.
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>> look, again, in this new forbes interview, he talks about what he thinks has been his highlights. i guess he was asked if he was having fun. he says i am having fun. i'm enjoying it. we're accomplishing a lot. your stock market is at ab all-time high, jobs issa, unemployment, is at the lowest point. we have fantastic numbers coming out. that is what sean duffy said as well. so, david where does that leave the president? what does this feud with bob corker and everything that chris cillizza just outlined, what does that mean for his agenda? >> i think that's are separate questions, what's happening in the economy and stock market is creating an exuberance not everybody understands as the economists put it this past week it's a bull market for everything, which seems to defy some concerns about asset values being too high. there's in question that the president can run with it
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politically. that's a separate matter from getting key legislation, try ing to revive some kind of health care repeal, getting a tax cut through. the epa changed today. it's been a big deal for his base, something that he promise he would do. that does a lot to keep the base together. so does attacking bob corker when he's attacked. he counterpunches and says these are the elites of the party that i was taking on all along. >> so you have the third reason that they voted for him, which is go after these guys. be disruptive. the second reason they voted for him, which is get rid of these regulations, get government back. help us with coal. that was a very small group of voters sensitive to that. that's what the epa does. then there was the first reason, chris. you have to give voice to what he tapped into in terms of economic security. for him to opponent to the stock market is disingenuous.
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he spent years saying the stock market doesn't help those kinds of people. he said for years, and certainly during the campaign, wages are what matter. don't show me the unemployment number. that's a fake number. he said it. now he's hanging his hat on the same number. what's he going to do for wages? why aren't you going after payroll tacks if you want to help the working class? how does he keep that momentum, keep that connection if he doesn't deliver? >> he thinks he can sell his way to anything. i think that's what he thinks he's doing right now. if you sell to everyone that the stock market is in record territory, that that will trickle down, people will be more optimistic. they'll spend more money. companies will reinvest in the united states. i am not sure about that. the other thing i would point out is that the stock market is doing quite well right now. everyone you talk to, who says why, it's an expectations that tax cuts are coming.
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maybe. but the legislative record is not great for donald trump particularly on health care. and i'm not sure he's alienated or attacked at least, by my count, 15 republican senators. there's only 52 of them. so i'm not sold on the idea that tax reform, tax cuts is a definite. might happen. but that same thing that he's time-outing will weakn. then what do you hang your hat on? from that somebody jobs report, job growth was nowhere. you can cherry pick a number here, cherry pick a number there. what do people feel in their everyday lives? stock market is not what they feel in their everyday lives. other than symbolic.
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if it goes down i'm not sure what he will hang his hat on economically. >> david, i know you're excited to weigh in on the ivana and melania trump story. >> he does. he's very intrigued by this story. >> ivana trump, the president's first wife, has a book out talking about raising the first three trump children. listen to this moment. >> i have direct number to white house but i don't really want to call him there because melania is there and i don't want to cause any kind of jealousy or something like that because i'm basically first trump wife, okay? i'm first lady, okay? >> so melania, i guess, didn't like or at least her staff, as dr chris points out, that they were
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calling herself first lady. mrs. trump has made the white house a home for baron. and the president. she loves living in washington, d.c. and is honored by her role as first lady of the united states. she plans to use her title and role to help children not sell books. there is clearly no substance to this statement from an ex. this is unfortunately only attention seeking and self serving noise. >> i don't think they want this kind of attention in the white house in the first lady's office. she's been pretty good so far of avoiding it. >> should they just ignore that statement? >> there's lots of things they should do. subtly is not their thing. >> david is really dancing around this. >> yeah. well, you know, this is tricky territory. >> it really is a huge mistake. go ahead, chris.
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>> it was dumb. is that quick enough? it was dumb. don't elevate these things. she was clearly joking. >> got it. chris cillizza, david gregory, thank you very much. to news that matters, at least ten people dead. wildfires burning out of control in northern california, the flames forcing thousands to leave their homes. miguel marquez live in santa rosa, california. you've got your mask on because it's burning so fast that the air is filled with that smoke. firefighters are having a tough time keeping up with this. they can't even light backfires in time because it's spreading so quickly. why? >> reporter: it has been -- the wind has been the biggest culprit here. that may be turning around right now. but that death toll of ten people may go up. disturbing news overnight with 100 people calling them saying they're missing people, up to 100 people are missing.
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lots of calls about those missing. there are tens of thousands of people who have evacuated very, very rapidly in the face of this fire. we'll show you where they are right now. this is what is left of a hotel in wine country. the hilton hotel, sonoma county wine country is completely destroyed in this area. it was up on a hill. those winds just whipped up these hills and destroyed properties like this. two hospitals have also been evacuated. some 1500 structures in sonoma county destroyed. this one neighborhood in particular, coffee park. you can see what it looked like before and how this fire devastated it when it moved through who arement some 32,000 fires are burning in this state, near disney land in anaheim, 5,000 acre fire burning there. several homes have been destroyed. several thousand more are
4:17 am
threatened. and the only thing that is good news right now is that wind has come down, humidity is starting to go up. hopefully, firefighters will be able to get out in fropt of this fire now and start fighting it. alisyn? >> absolutely, miguel. pillows check back. former president clinton and hillary clinton remaining silent as harvey weinstein. ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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experience frequent infections, or have flu-like symptoms, or sores. liver problems can occur with entyvio. if your uc or crohn's medication isn't working for you, ask your gastroenterologist about entyvio. entyvio. relief and remission within reach. president trump and senator corker's of words continues. a white house spokesman says that president trump is not finished with bob corker. great to have you in studio. what do you think of senator corker so publicly criticizing president trump? >> he is my chair on foreign relations.
quote quote
4:22 am
i know him well. he is expressing a concern that is shared by an awful lot of members of the senate, even republican member. >> though they're not speaking out about it. >> they're not. >> he is the one publicly saying, if nobody else is rising to defend him or have his back. >> not yet. if you look at the last couple of months, republicans who have pushed back against the president, whether it was over health care or other issues, you see that bob corker isn't by himself. i will tell you that in the halls of the senate, the conversations about the president's judgment are -- they take place all the time and have been for months now. bob corker has just given voice to things that many are thinking and saying on the republican side. >> i know you want to talk about the puerto rico relief effort. we'll get there in a second. in terms of harvey weinstein, obviously, hollywood mogul, he is accused of doing despicable -- >> yeah. these allegations are low-life behavior. >> grotesque. >> unacceptable. >> he gave $35,000 to you and hillary clinton's 2016 election effort. should that money be given back? >> well, the campaign is over.
4:23 am
here is what's happening. you have to call out bad behavior. anybody who sexually harasses somebody or anybody who uses their position of power, especially, to coerce or intimidate somebody, that's low-life behavior and is unacceptable. and whether it's in government or media or business, it's unacceptable. you've got to call it out. i think a number of folks who he has given money to are giving it back or to charity. >> you're saying that the money he gave to your campaign -- >> it's over. >> it's spent. >> yeah, it's over. sexual harassment is unacceptable. i think it's low-life behavior. hillary clinton speaks out against sexual harassment often. i'm sure she'll have a word to say when the time is right for her. i'm not anybody's press secretary. >> would you recommend that she do that?
4:24 am
>> any leader should condemn this. i have a 22-year-old daughter who is starting off, you know, in the work world and i -- when you read the stories about young women feeling pressured by somebody in a position of power, it makes you sick. >> puerto rico. you just returned. you've just returned from there. when you came back, you tweeted this. was in puerto rico saturday. only 15% have power after two weeks, hope to hit 25% by next month. where else in the u.s. would this be acceptable? is the federal government not doing enough? >> certainly on the power grid, we're not doing enough. we have to do more. i went down with a bipartisan delegation. democratic and republican. and i would say, alisyn, that was the thing that struck me the most. i've been a governor and done emergency response. when you do hurricane relief in virginia, part of the state's hit badly but other parts not so badly. so, people can go to other places. 78 localities in puerto rico. you guys have done a great job of covering this. everyone has been hit so people,
4:25 am
many are without housing, food, pure water, electricity, telecommunication, access to health care, transportation access. the notion that within a month 25% of power would be back, where would we accept this in the united states? >> why isn't the federal government doing more? >> it's the federal government and others, too. here is what else i noticed when i was there. when there's a hurricane in virginia and i go out to thank the work crews, utility linemen who go in to help out like our crews go to other states. there weren't other crews there when i was there. so, i'm not sure why puerto rico has signed these mutual aid agreements with other utilities but there weren't other people there -- >> who are you calling on to do more? >> congress has to do more. the president put in a request last week for $29 billion. $16 billion was to fix the federal flood insurance program and half a billion was for wildfires. about 12 billion for puerto rico. hurricane sandy was 50 to 80.
4:26 am
katrina was 100 billion. this is a tiny, tiny little -- hopefully, down payment. i challenge the administration this is too small. they said this is to get us through the year. we have to get to the bottom of the electricity grid situation. you can't run an economy, manufacturing, without electricity. >> everyone there is in dire straits. i don't know how they're going to get back to work and rebuild. you're saying if the president asked for more billions that congress would authorize that? >> we're going to have to. i think we should act immediately on the first request. an assessment still has to be done. we have to rebuild a resilient power grid in puerto rico, so they can get hair economy back up and running. mass exodus of people leaving puerto rico. >> president trump says you're not giving him enough credit. he tweeted this. nobody could have done what i've done for puerto rico with so
4:27 am
little appreciation. so much work. what's your response? >> i don't see it. i didn't see the sense of urgency. give you an example. we did an eight package after the hurricane in texas and florida that included not just emergency money but cdbg funds for economic development. why aren't utility crews there? the response was slow. and, admittedly, it's an island. you can't just drive next door to the next state with the utility truck and get there. that poses some challenges. watching him throw the paper towels in the crowd, it looked like he was joking around, something other than the seriousness you would expect. this is a lot of people who are suffering. and i don't think the responses have had the sense of urgency or resources that we should see.
4:28 am
>> san juan mayor obviously agrees with you. carmen yulin cruz has been outspoken and got a smackdown from fema, we filter that out. it's noise. why do you think that fema is trying to silence her? >> they're sensitive about the politic politics. they ought to just do the work and the politics will be fine. the governor has been more measured in his words but no less passionate in his belief. >> he says he believes the president is doing a great job. he's not begging for more. >> i talked to a number of folks working with him on saturday. i think he is worried if he says anything wrong will the president hold it against him. i heard from his team a great deal of concern especially around this power grid issue. you cannot run an economy -- they don't even know when schools are going to reopen. right? you can't run a hospital an
4:29 am
generator forever, a nursing home on a generator forever. manufacturing is the biggest sector of the economy. how do you motor vehicle without power? i've never seen an emergency response challenge as a governor and mayor who has done it. i've never seen one that is more significant and difficult than the one that governor rossello is dealing with now. and our response for these american citizens should match the gravity of what he's dealing with. >> senator tim kaine, thank you. let's send it back to chris. >> harvey, irma, maria. big development in vegas. police revealing a major shift in the timeline there. there's new information about when the first shots were fired and what that means to the investigation, next. we're on a mission to show drip coffee drinkers, it's time to wake up to keurig. wakey! wakey! rise and shine! oh my gosh! how are you? well watch this. i pop that in there. press brew. that's it. look how much coffee's in here? fresh coffee. so rich. i love it.
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police say the killer shot a security guard before he shot at
4:34 am
concert goers. authorities say they have spoken to the killer's brother and other family members but the motive remains a mystery. more breaking news. police say daniels shot the officer in the head and then tried to run away at texas tech. over to chris. there's a lot of news and political intrigue. we cannot forget the people left behind by these storms. harvey, irma, maria. the need is still so great. we want to give you an update so you can stay involved here with harvey. remember this. texas, louisiana, 82 people killed. $180 billion in damage. you have 60,000 people
4:35 am
displaced. there is still a great, great need for temporary housing. education there has slowed. there's a great need. you can help address it. go on the website. there's ways to get involved. then, of course, we remember irma. 60 people died. $150 billion in damage. we'll have to figure out how to pay for this. it's necessary but it won't be easy. 10,000 still displaced. fema trailers needed. they don't have enough of them. not as a criticism but as a reality. again, in the keys, life is nowhere near back to normal. the need is great. you can get involved. of course then maria. we've been hearing it 100 different ways. i know this has been
4:36 am
politicized. it should not be. the reality is a simple one. it is a crisis. it is in crisis. you do not celebrate when you put out the fire in half of your house, okay? the rest of the house is still op fire. you hear reports ta people are subsisting on a kind of food that is like refugee food. 40.5% still without water. the term they're using instead of saying hello to each other they're saying do you have water and power? it's not sustainable life there. that's why woo ergoing to stay on the criticism of t i can't even get rid of the situation or wipe it off the screen. that's how persistent the problem is, that we can't wipe it off. no joke, alisyn. we're staying on it all the
4:37 am
time. we know news had get in the way but can'ted forget the people in need. >> news comes in and eclipses everything but it doesn't go away. >> what do congressional republicans think about the feud between corker and the president? we ask a gop lawmaker next. ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ can i kick it? ♪ yes you can ♪ well i'm gone
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here is what he told "the new york times." >> sometimes i feel like he's on a reality show of some kind. foreign polishes and, you know, he has to realize that, you know, that we could be heading toward world war iii with the kind of comments that he's making. >> how seriously should this be taken? what are you going to hear from other people who are involved within the party? let's ask republican congressman adam kinsinger of illinois, member of the house foreign affairs committee. always a pleasure. >> switch jobs with you a little bit. >> you're too good looking, too smart and have too much value to the country. so, okay, here is where we are
4:42 am
on the spec rum with corker. either one extreme would be he's making the case that the president is not fit for office. the other extreme is that this is political sour grapes. he got sideways with trump. he's retiring so he's speaking out now. where do you see it in terms of your level of concern about his comments? >> i'm concerned about some of the comments he makes but also at the same point i don't know where this all came from. i thought they got along pretty well. then one day they tweet back and forth and i wonder where this came from. he was being considered for secretary of state at one point. i've said this repeatedly. i think some of the president's comments on international issues actually shows unpredictability, which i think has been official in north korea, when you hear
4:43 am
that kim jong-un is reaching out to say what's this guy made of. i don't share that level concern with mr. corker. obviously some folks are concerned about the tweeting that the president does. every day you wake up and see something new. >> the tweeting is just the delivery device. the idea is the feelings, passions, misconceptions are his own. north korea, in terms of the capability. make that case for us, congressman. the criticism is don't mess with a madman unless you're ready to do something about it. >> right. >> you keep hearing the president saying diplomacy is a waste of time and everyone else saying no, diplomacy is the only way we have to go here. i think there's a little bad cop, bad cop. intentional or not. that's how it's working. military and economic. we're using all those against north korea. to use diplomacy -- the old
4:44 am
saying of speak softly and carry a big stick, have you to have a big stick. that's the military option. so the president says we're willing to bomb north korea if we have to, that puts a lot of imp t impetus on the diplomat he can. it's to the chinese to say if there is an attack, united states will win. >> all due diligence. you understand military tactics and strategies better than i ever will. it keeps being said that the military is not an option unless, god forbid, they were to do something to the united states. if do you anything military there, you are guaranteeing large-scale human loss.
4:45 am
>> do you think it's an option is this. >> it's an unthinkable option, last-case scenario. let's do everything up to the point where that's the only solution. if you listen to the briefings, i think the administration is trying to do everything prior to that. let's think about what happens if we basically say we've exhausted everything. north korea can have nukes. they could build nukes that exceeds our ability to intercept them. they've not just built them but stated an intention to use them and floated them over friendly territory. how do you prevent iran from getting nuclear weapons? >> you have a deal in place. thank you, congressman. >> your welcome. >> if you are in favor of decertifying that deal now to answer your own question, how do you chemo iran from getting
4:46 am
nukes if you don't have a deal and how do you get north korea to make a deal if you walkway from the iran deal? >> there has to be verifiable inspections. iran is sending in its own soil samples to the iaea. we need american inspectors on the ground there. we could fix. >> without decertifying? >> i think decertifying is the process to saying how do we get to a better deal? >> you wouldn't walkway from the deal all together? >> it depends. it's a bad deal right now. i've heard what the comprehensive strategy is that the president will outline. i can't go into that right now. i think when he makes this case on iran process will maek more sense than we're going to decertify the deal. >> we heard that from h.r. mcmaster as well, that this is a strategy to a larger play. you're dealing with a situation
4:47 am
where it wasn't just of the u.s. this wasn't a bilateral deal. several different parties of allies, none of which says that iran is in noncompliance, that they're not complying with the deal. so, what is the basis which you go to your allies and say i know you all think this okay. i don't. so i'm going to blow it all up. they will not do the sanctions the way they did the last time. where does that leave the united states? >> we are seeing an understanding of what this deal has done. we like to focus on the nuclear issue in iran. it's a much bigger issue in iran. >> you could make an additional deal, take additional steps because of their meddling, as you call it. certainly their nefario you feel s activities. >> no. this is to say we're going to put nukes in your overall behavior. you have blood on your hands,
4:48 am
iran. so does russia, by the way. they're threatening israel and all this kind of stuff. i fought against them in iraq, when i was in iraq through their involvement there. i think it's a broad, comprehensive approach. decertifying is different than saying the deal is torn up and we're never going to abide by it. >> true. >> i think it gives the administration an opportunity to go to iran and say we're not happy with it. where can we negotiate from here? >> to get it out there once again you're going to keep your eye on puerto rico. >> absolutely. >> i know it's going to be expensive and you're going to have to figure it out. that is a high priority yes? >>i >> this is the number one role to defend its people, in hurricanes, natural disasters, absolutely. we'll keep our eye on this and deployed all the federal assets necessary, from what i understand. anything else we'll -- i'm a guard pilot, by the way, fly an
4:49 am
rc-26. we're involved looking for damage, people that are stranded, missing assets tar needed. >> no question that the first responders are working their asses off. we see it in real time. also no secret that more is needed. >> yes. >> thank you for your candor as always. >> you bet. >> you're as you ol. calling this a death warrant for the planet. van jones is here next. check it out! self-appendectomy! oh, that's really attached. that's why i rent from national. where i get the control to choose any car in the aisle i want, not some car they choose for me. which makes me one smooth operator. ah! still a little tender. (vo) go national. go like a pro.
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we'll get to the boot in a second. i am sure this wrinkles you. let's pull the screen. >> we don't have time, and car and truck fuel efficiencies being changed. you are trying to sound the alarm on what you see here. >> yeah, it's really unfortunate. first of all, there's so much misinformation. this clean power plan, where did it come from? this conservative clean air act required them to deal with greenhouse gases. this is coming from a right wing court and richard nixon.
4:55 am
now they are saying these rules is why there's a war on coal. you know what the real war on coal is? fracking. fracking bought the natural gas price so low, it out paced coal. if you have more fracking, you get less coal. they are lying on the people. this is another part of the crazy. i am trying to get rid of the crazy so we can have real policy here. >> how you did that, was subjective in its standard, and all of these went too far, it creates economic disadvantages for workers, and dischanges
4:56 am
versus other world powers, and it's harder on the u.s. than anybody else, and you have to keep america competitive and these rules didn't do that. >> if that would be true, there would be reasons to ring your hands. the clean energy sector in america is the one booming and growing. >> they say it's with heavy subsidies. >> a subsidy is when you get to pollute for free. you get to dump megatons without a subsidy. every form of energy in the world is subsidized. the question is do you want to subsidize the ones that will give you more jobs or pollution? this used to be bipartisan. john mccain ran as a climate champion and on cap and trade, and this was eight years or nine
4:57 am
years ago. this was bipartisan. now this is even crazy. you have american jobs, about 50,000 coal miners in america. you have 120,000 solar workers and smart cars and batteries, and let's help all of us. instead what you do is go in and demonize one set of workers against the other, and that's not the way to do it. i am a crusader against the crazy. >> you are going to be busy. >> don't you need a different costume? >> i need a cape. i need chris's bicepses is what i need. >> espn just aspended hill, a communicator, and she put out a tweet or statement and said
4:58 am
something about advertisers should boycott the football games because of all the kneeling issues going on with the nfl. what is your thought on the whole issue? >> i think it's unfortunate. espn and cnn has a right to tell it's employees what to do. i think it's unfortunate because this debate has really gotten so far away from what it was supposed to be. it was about supposed to be police misconduct. we're now talking about free speech for athletes, and whether we respect soldiers. we are talking about advertising and boycotts. what does this have to do with police community relations? and don't forget, the rich football players, they should shut up, and trump is rich and he complains all the time. and they are trying to do the right thing. the reason i am against the crazy is because we can't talk about what we are supposed to
4:59 am
talk about, but we have to talk about everybody else. >> the nfl was a brilliant play by the president to distract from other things he's getting beaten up on, and rightly so. in the sconservative one, you make the case you have to coalesce from what you are, but the nfl thing is exactly that playbook that worked so well for the president. i'm sorry, works so well for the president. these lefties and big money versus the working man. he made the sale. liberals one to ruin our traditions. >> it's completely nuts. what i say in the book is, i have an open letter to conserves and liberals.
5:00 am
we need better conservatives. you have black guys from poor neighbors concerned about police, and they speak up and you say i have got answers and jobs and work ethic for you, and criminal justice reform for you that republicans are leaning on, and you don't call them out, you call them in, and they are not doing it. it's a cure for the crazy. >> are your liberal friends telling you they are making them compromise beyond their comfort level? >> some say that and some recognize if you keep doing the same thing over and over again, and you will get the same result. that's crazy, too. >> the punitive head of the democratic party -- >> it should be called cure for the crazy. >> that will be the paperback version. >> we're following a lot of news. let's get right to it.


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